Winter can leave the hair looking quite frizzy and lifeless. This is a result of us going in and out of the cold and into the warm. Our hair becomes dry and brittle. This Rosée d’Oasis haircare conditioner makes wonders for our hair.

This Rosée d’Oasis haircare conditioner makes wonders for our hair. It’s unique intensive formula enhances hair texture, leaving it feeling healthy, shiny, silky, soft, manageable, moisturized and deliciously fragranced. It contains vitamin E, guar, minerals, coconut, olive, colza and apricot kernel oils that are blended with orange blossom and jasmine. The smell is simply beautiful!

For the one who is always shivering

Here are some great gift ideas for that person in our entourage that always is cold or needs a relaxing break. Bath salts are wonderful and permit us to really indulge in a moment for nobody else but ourself. They are enriched with rich minerals and fragrant oils valued for their aroma therapeutic virtues. Give these as a gift to someone who needs a peaceful pause or anyone feeling cold from the winter. Senteurs d’Orient suggests many different scents, but these, Amber and Orange Blossom, are great for the Holidays, whether the Holidays mean sugary sweet or spiced goods to you.

For the tired one

Peppermint’s great characteristic smell is truly vivifying. Give this essential oil to the one in your entourage who is tired, either from a crazy overflow of work or from trying to finish their Christmas shopping. It also does miracles for the skin when put into boiling water that you poured in a bowl. Suggest the gifted to put their head over the hot water with a few drops of peppermint essential oil in the water and to cover their head and bowl with a towel. This works wonders on a dry winter skin and the smell of peppermint will get them back on their feet in minutes!

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