Lovingly Handcrafted

Every Senteurs d’Orient soap is crafted using traditional methods, as well as modern techniques, to create the most indulgent and sensorial experience. We combine the storied heritage of Middle Eastern soap-making with the rigor and beauty of Japanese craftsmanship. Our soaps are hand-mixed and triple-milled, resulting in a luxurious bar with the utmost purity and richest lather. We meticulously hand-wrap our soaps in the Japanese tradition, protecting the formula and allowing for a ritual of discovery.

The Most Precious Scents

From the sun-warmed orange blossom fields of the Mediterranean coast to the majestic cedar forests of Lebanon to to Beirut balconies filled with lush gardenias, our fragrances transport your soul and your senses to the Orient. Our signature scents are distilled by the master perfumers of Grasse, using the highest concentration of essential oils to capture sensuous beauty of these treasured flowers and botanicals.

The Purest Ingredients

Our 100% vegetal soaps are made from shea butter, olive oil and skincare-grade glycerin, then combined with Vitamin E and precious essential oils. Two years in development, our pure vegetal soap base contains no ETD or tallow, yet still offers the most luxurious foam and decadent texture. Clean and natural, with nourishing benefits, these handcrafted soaps leave your skin soft, hydrated and replenished.