Our Story

Senteurs d'Orient is a mother-daughter story: Our story originates from a shared passion for bathing rituals and a social cause close to our hearts.

Beauty Born From the Easts

Senteur's story begins in 2000 with my mother, Hana, whose multicultural upbringing in Tokyo, Paris and Beirut inspired handcrafted fine-fragranced soaps that bring to life the bathing rituals of the Middle Eastern and Far East cultures.

“Now, I want to share her creation with my own passion and dedication” - Sarah
My Journey

Growing up in a French-Lebanese home meant I was raised with a keen awareness of my multicultural roots. I was born with a passion for the world of beauty and grew to love product creation and storytelling.

I worked for globally recognized beauty brands as a product developer in Paris and New York City. Only recently did I realize my mother had created something very unique and special - worth sharing with the entire world!

Today, I've joined her mission to celebrate the power of traditional bathing, blending what my mother had created along with my personal experience and creative aspirations into a new modern era to deliver and share unprecedented luxury and indulgence.

“My inspiration was to create products infused by the spirit of the Orient, and reflect the multiple ‘beauty of the Easts’ ’ cultures so close to my heart” - Hana
A company by women, for women

Driven by our shared entrepreneurial spirit, we set off to make empowering women at the heart of our brand DNA. We employ women in every tier of our company - from the founder to our chemists to the artisans -, which is why we’ve teamed up with the United Nations Development Program to support women’s education in Lebanon. 10% of our sales go to support this initiative.

(Doing good = feeling good.)