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Halloween is a night of scares, sweets, and magic for kids and adults alike. The line between real world and the spirit realm collide and we can all indulge in stories and masquerades. Here are a few unique ways you can experience Halloween in Montreal.

Gardens of Light at the Montreal Botanical Garden

The dream like atmosphere of the colourful chinese lanterns is a must see. The elaborate illuminated figures and hidden treasures bring a little bit of China to Quebec. Also enjoy the submissions for the pumpkin decorating contest for some extra Halloween fun.

Runs until November 2nd.

The Insectarium

Visit the Insectarium for a look at some of the creepiest crawlies. What could be more terrifying than visiting live scarabs, tarantulas and scorpions? You might even learn a thing or two!

Montreal Ghost Hunt

Hunt down Old Montreal’s local Haunts. Participating teams are given a map of the local area and sent off to search for ‘the heroes and villains of Old Montreal’s yesteryears…’ Each spirit is played by a professional comedian and will reveal the story of their life and death. A fun bit of local theatre that will make Halloween in Montreal come to life.

Apple Picking

It’s the end of the season for this tasty fall treat. Get to the orchard before it’s too late! Pick your fresh apples and make some apple pie, candied apples, caramel apples, apple cider, and apple treats of your hearts desire until you’re stuffed!

Hear the story of Jack O’ Lantern at Pointe-à-Callière

Learn about the origins of Halloween and all the ways people celebrate it. Also hear a special ghost story that promises it’s own thrills and chills.

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