Did you know that at Senteurs d’Orient, we do much more than ensure the well-being of our customers?

We are also actively involved with the United Nations Development Program! Part of our profits are given to the UNDP to help with women’s education, here in Lebanon. Factors such as traditions, finances and war have greatly impacted the access of women to any forms of education. Though the situation has improved, we still have a long way to go!

The Orient has a strong tradition of beauty and well-being. We consider education a form of freedom and to us, freedom is beautiful. Which is why we have chosen to contribute to Lebanon’s women empowerment. Some of our most recent undertakings include the establishment of a computer education program in two remote Lebanese villages and of women health clinics.

You can contribute as well and help us make the world of tomorrow a better place for women worldwide! From each product purchased from Senteurs d’Orient, 10% of the profits are directed towards our UNDP sponsored projects. You can also donate directly to the UNDP, by visiting thewww.undp.org, or get involved in many different ways, via social media and others. There’s more than one way to help. We have chosen ours, what will yours be?

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