We are lucky to live in a world influenced and enriched by a variety of cultures and philosophies. Trying something new and researching its history can be a great summertime project for you and your friends. You might learn something new and connect with cultures across our planet.

Here are a few ways we can borrow traditions from other cultures to make you summer more interesting.

Do some outdoor yoga (India)

The practice of yoga was first documented in 400CE and has been a part of Indian culture since that time. It has its roots in Jainism, Buddhism, and Hinduism, but has been popularized in the west over the last century because of it’s mental and physical benefits.

Yoga can be a wonderful way to challenge yourself and reconnect your mind and body. Get outside and enjoy the weather while you stretch and strengthen your body. You can even use the summer heat to increase your flexibility and sweat out those toxins, just be sure to keep hydrated and don’t over exert yourself!

Learn Tai Chi (China)

If yoga isn’t your thing, but you still want to exercise your mind and body, give Tai Chi a try. This Chinese martial art focuses on slow movement, balance and mental discipline. Lots of people offer outdoor classes. It can be a wonderful way to connect to an ancient tradition and enjoy your local parks.

Drink some hot Chai (India)

Drinking hot tea on a hot day might seem counter intuitive, but it can actually cool you down. It is common for cultures in hotter climates to drink hot tea. Enjoy this Indian classic, a spicy and flavourful combination of black tea, ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, anise, peppercorn, nutmeg and cloves. Want to know more about tea? Why not check out our Tea Time article!

Play bocce ball with your friends (Italy)

This wonderful Italian game is a great way to get together with some friends and enjoy the weather. You might need to make a little investment in a set of bocce balls, but the game is easy to learn and you and your friends can enjoy a whole summer of friendly competitions in the park. You might even make some new friends who had the same idea.

Eat some sushi (Japan)

This traditional Japanese dish is as much art as it is a meal.  This beautiful arrangement of fish and rice can be a great project for you and your friends to create together, or to go out and have a light summer meal.


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