If you’re like us, then you’re a sucker for pretty packaging. Let’s be honest - there’s no allure quite like a beautiful perfume bottle or an ornate tube of lipstick. With that being said, we knew that packaging for our Senteurs d’Orient soaps were not going to be an afterthought or take a backseat to the product.

In coming up with the design, we wanted to fuse elements of both “Eastern” cultures that inspires the heart of our brand: the clean lines of the box evoke the minimalism and sophistication of Japan with the sensual forms and aesthetic of the Middle East. The asymmetric, diagonal design speaks to the art of origami - a direct source of inspiration from our founder’s youth in Japan.

The print - which varies among each variety of our soaps - features detailed patterns in soft pastel watercolors, reminiscent of those found on traditional kimono. So, next time you open one of our soaps, we encourage you to take a closer look at the box - it tells a story all its own.

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