In 2014, architects Nathalie Habr and Halim Khoriaty completed our 1,111 square meter Senteurs d’Orient headquarters facility in Mkalles, Lebanon, located just outside of Beirut. “The concept behind the main headquarters of this luxury soap brand revolves around the actual soap bar,” says our architects. “Inspired by the intricate packaging of the company’s soaps, the structure was first conceived as a box, sliced in half.” One look at the building’s sharp rectangular lines and it’s clear to see their vision.

Using the best natural ingredients sourced from around the world is an integral part of who we are - which is why we have a lush garden surrounding the two separate structures that comprise our facility. Our jardin not only exists to welcome visitors, but to reflect our love of botanicals and natural fragrances in our products.


As previously mentioned, our HQ is made up of two separate buildings: our manufacturing plant and corporate offices. The first structure, where our manufacturing plant is located, is covered by a woven metal wire mesh on top of a wall marked with the same patterns you see on our bars of soap. The second structure, which houses our company’s offices, was designed to let in plenty of natural light, but is still protected from the sun’s rays thanks to sliding aluminum panels.

Just over a year ago, the architects were the recipient of a Five-Star Arabian Property Award for Office Architecture for their work on the Senteurs d’Orient headquarters facility. Presentation of the Awards took place in Dubai, where our building stood out from nominees from twelve countries in the geographical region. (Pretty cool, right?)


All in all, we wanted our headquarters to be a reflection of who we are as a brand: always holding true to the legacy and tradition of the past, but infusing it with all that modern technology has to offer.

Photos: Ieva Saudargaité

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