We know you already probably love our Orange Blossom hammam soap, but did you know that orange blossom - and specifically orange blossom water - has a ton of beauty-boosting properties? According to legend, it was a favorite product of Marie Antoinette, the epitome of French royal élégance.

Orange blossom is amazing for the skin - especially oily and sensitive types - since it reduces redness and calms irritated areas. Like rosewater, you can use orange blossom water in place of your usual toner, but make sure you’re buying pure, natural distillations - check the label carefully! You can also make an ultra-soothing bathing experience by adding a 1/4 cup of the infusion along with 2-3 cups of warm milk and 3 tablespoons of honey. Be sure to pair it with our soap, bien sûr!

The soft, fresh fragrance from the blooms also make it an ideal room air freshener or pillow spray. Keep a small amount in a bowl or jar of boiling water, or spritz it on your pillow before bed to help soothe your mind and promote a peaceful energy.

Orange blossom is also traditionally consumed by the Lebanese as a beverage called white coffee. No, it’s not caffeinated, but it’s light and delicious (and a favorite of our founder and her family!). Also known as ahwah baida, (or in French, café blanc), it makes the perfect after-meal digestif due to its clean, invigorating taste. Originating in Beirut, the tisane is very simple, and only calls for a splash of orange blossom water stirred into a cup of boiling water. Sugar or honey can be added to taste. Voilà!

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